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                Screw protective cover
                Page view: Public Time:2018-04-20
                Screw shields Description: Screw protection cover applies Yu high temperature job, metal work machine, marble work machine, gold rush work machine, paper work machine, fiber work machine, glass work machine, food work machine, pharmaceutical machine, agricultural processing machine, leather machine, clay work machine, wood processing machine, variety industry, with oriented sets and strengthening ring, no Abrasives processing funding, side edged form can selected, color also can selected, minimum diameter from 20mm began, recognized size of od are can set do, screw protection cover very reliable , Resistance to mechanical ability is very strong, strong resistance to coolants and oils (dust-proof, waterproof, oil proof, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsifying agents, chemicals), when parts need waterproof protection against coolant contamination, this screw protective cover should be used, with excellent price-performance ratio.

                Screw shield dimensions (diameter, outside diameter, tensile, compression, connection) or drawings made on request.

                Screw shield dimensions (diameter, outside diameter, tensile, compression, connection) or drawings made on request.