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                Automatic telescopic shutter protection
                Page view: Public Time:2018-04-20
                Automatic telescopic shutter protective cover also known as roller shutter.  Need to be fixed at both ends of the machine running above the machine.  Roller shield is divided into box and bracket type two.  Box-type roller cover The shell is made of stainless steel or cold plate and the surface polishing anti-corrosion treatment protective tape made of stainless steel or three anti-cloth in addition to high precision large elastic spring  Axis composition.  Roller cover protective cover structure is reasonable reasonable no noise suitable for small space the formation of large and fast movement of machine equipment.  Please indicate the length of the box height of the length of the connection plate in the length of the length and width of the bracket please specify the bracket bracket assembly parameters.
                Box-type automatic retractable protective curtain in the space is small and without strict protection of the case the shutter cover can replace the other shield.  Can be installed horizontally vertically or in any mixing direction.  The structure of the roller cover is mainly composed of the shell (stainless steel plate cold plate) spring shaft driven shaft scraping tongue nylon fiber cloth (three anti-cloth) and so on there are adjustment device elastic adjustable  Two springs are available for the user.  Roller shield can be divided into box and bracket type two installation forms.  Roller cover width stretching shell can be customized according to the requirements or drawings but also according to the overall structure of the machine design.

                “托架式卷簾防護Ψ 罩”: