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                Welcome to HUADE MACHINES!

                中文版 英文版

                Hot Keywords: Spring steel wire nail wire fine wire

                02、Excellent quality and credibility
                In nearly a decade of development, the company all staff focus minds, together, through the unremitting exploration and innovation, make the company from start-up business simple shield machine tool product development to today, covering equipment protection, cable, tubing, screw, light bars protection...
                01、Development, application, research into one.
                During the development of the past ten years, all the employees of the company gathered their minds, worked together, and made unremitting efforts to explore and innovate.
                04、Low cost, high cost performance
                From raw material purchase to production process and product packaging, the product is optimized to ensure the quality, while the cost is reduced to the extreme, so that users can buy satisfaction with ease.
                03、Enquiry hotline
                24-hour online service to provide customers with satisfactory products and solutions.
                Tel:+86 0534-3862266

                Huade MachineDevelopment Innovation

                Hello: we are a machine accessories manufacturers,our main products arethe drag chain,Machine Shield ,Chip Conveyor,Machine Mount Pads,Working Lamp cooling pipe, and other products, looking forward to the cooperation with you. E-mail: 13406853581@163.com Website: www.sdhdjcfj.com Website on alibaba.com: dragchain.en.alibaba.com Telephone: 86-534-3862266 Mobile Phone: 13406853581 Fax: 86-534-3765158 ......【More】