Rental Reservations

Please Note: Fasy Real Estate charges a $45 non-refundable processing fee

Making a reservation is not very complicated. You pretty much know what you want, how many bedrooms, baths and the location. So first you can

Once you have chosen the property you want, you can call, e-mail or FAX us your

We will then contact the owner as all leases must be approved by the owner. We will mail you 3 copies of the lease. You sign TWO copies and return them to us with the first deposit. You keep one copy for your own records. We then mail the leases with the deposit to the owner for his signatures and he returns one to us and keeps one for himself. When that comes back to us, we mail you the signed lease.

Cancellation Policy: Fasy Real Estate does NOT keep your deposit money. All deposits are sent to the owner with the copies of the lease. It is up to the owner to retain or release the deposit when notified of a cancellation. If he is agreeable to release it, he reserves the right to hold your deposit until he has received the deposit from another tenant. If you must cancel your reservation, notify us immediately in writing.  We will then place the property on our active rental list.

Important Note: The rental properties we represent are all privately owned and maintained, and therefore, reflect the taste of each individual owner. We strongly urge you to personally inspect the rental property of your choice to be sure that it meets your expectations and requirements before making a legally binding commitment

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