Selling Tips    

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Clean up the outside   Fix up the interior   Kitchen and Baths
Curb appeal is the first impression of your house. Keeping the grass cut and the area tidy will help make a great first impression

Remove all toys, bikes etc and put trash cans away

Check for ripped door and window screens. Replace door handle if necessary

Make front door inviting by hanging wreath, placing pots of flowers (weather permitting) - remember this is the entrance to their "future" home

Paint or power wash the exterior of the house (including window casings, shutters, and doors)

Wash the windows inside and out

Check the gutters and chimney
  Put a fresh coat of paint in the most used areas of the home. This will clean as well as brighten up the rooms

Remove curtains to allow light in - makes rooms appear larger and brighter

Wash the walls where paint is not appropriate (i.e. wall paper, paneling

Wash all floors and bathroom tiles - wax where appropriate

Shampoo dirty carpets - use throw rugs if needed

Install wood floors if budget allows

Get rid of clutter. Clean out your closets, garage, basement and attic. Use self storage if necessary

Replacing air filters will help keep the dust down

Replace leaking or worn-out faucets

Clean under the sinks and remove clutter

Remove all mildew in showers and check the grout - regrout if necessary

Replace toilet guts if needed! If there are any leaks fix them and clean up the damage using contact paper or paint

Consider painting the kitchen cabinets and replacing cabinet hardware

Put new "granite" laminate on counter tops

Remove all clutter from counter tops and organize your cabinets and drawers

Remove all odors   Redecorate   Show Time
Pay attention to cigarette and pet odors

Place scented potpourri throughout the house

Use a protein based detergent to remove pet stains

Boil cinnamon in water before all showings

  Use pillows and scarves to dress up sofas, chairs and beds

Make entrance inviting using plants, unique furniture etc

Remove all unneeded furniture

Use plants and flowers for color

  Make all beds and clean bathrooms and kitchen

Turn on lights in each room

Leave the house or make yourself invisible

Remove pets if possible

Clean, clean, clean

Seller Mistakes

  • buying a new home before you sell your old one
  • listing your home based on the price you would like to get rather than on market value
  • failing to get a termite report or other indicated reports before listing your home for sale
  • putting a home on the market before it is spruced up
  • refusing to reduce a list price that is too high for the market
  • refusing to counter a low offer
  • being present when the home is shown to prospective buyers
  • listing with a contingency to find a replacement home
  • setting up a complicated showing procedure that discourages showings
  • refusing to do anything to get your home ready to sell


  • property condition and appearance  play a bigger part in today's market    
  • spruce up your kitchen - paint old cabinets, replace worn linoleum floor, add new counters and new light fixtures
  • paint in neutral color scheme - painting is one of the most economical improvements you can make
  • make cost effective fix-up-for-sale improvements that will give you a good return on your investment
  • de-cluttering is the least expensive fix-up-for-sale improvement you can do. It costs nothing but time
  • throw out, donate or sell what you no longer need
  • first impressions are lasting
  • pet odors can kill a sale
  • cleanliness is next to godliness

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